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Conventional C-Collars Can Cause Further Cervical Spinal Injury

Dr. Raymond Fowler - Do No Harm Dr. Raymond Fowler, Chief of EMS Operations for the BioTel EMS System, discusses the current state of cervical spine management and spinal distraction.
Why XCollar? - Evidence See how splinting the cervical spine can improve patient outcomes and provide EMS agencies with a more efficient, clinically proven solution.

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The concept of Cervical Spine Splinting was first invented in 2005 by Emergency Care Professionals at Emegear. Our mission as a company is to elevate the level of service and standard of patient care provided to communities by offering devices and procedures with the highest degree of proper cervical spinal immobilization possible.

At this time, our company offers innovative cervical spine splinting products, and does business in over 42 countries across the world based out of California in the US.

We have also developed a Free Online Training Course at dedicated to educating and instructing EMS first responders and educators around the world concerning the importance of cervical spine splinting. Thank you for visiting us!

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XCollar Plus

NeXsplint Plus - Military Green

Now used by United States Special Operations Forces.

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