Our awards for top product and innovation demonstrate the high caliber of respect and determination we place on our mission to provide the most effective and cutting-edge cervical splinting systems available.

Map of XCollar & NeXsplint Use

Research Articles & Publications

A Comparison of Three Cervical Immobilization Devices

David Hostler, PhD, Deanna Colburn, MPT, S. Robert Seitz, MEd
Extrication Collars Can Result in Abnormal Separation Between Vertebrae

Peleg Ben-Galim, MD, NivDreiangel, MD, Kenneth L. Mattox, MD, Charles A. Reitman, MD, S. BabakKalantar, MD, and John A. Hipp, PhD
'Collar Me Bad'

John Erich, EMS World Magazine, July 2010
Cervical Splinting - A New Paradigm in EMS - Combat & Casualty Care (Q3)

Martin Rizo Patron, inventor of the XCollar Plus & NeXsplint Plus, discusses the logic and ideas behind the concept of Cervical Spinal Splinting.
Dallas Fire & Rescue Dept. Field Trial Results

Thanks to Dallas Fire & Rescue Department's overwhelmingly positive response to the XCollar Plus, they decided to implement and adopt cervical splinting technology.
Berkeley Fire Dept. Field Trial Results

Take a look at the results for the Berkeley Fire Department field trial. They have since adopted the XCollar cervical splinting technology.
Alameda County EMS Newsletter, April 2010

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Addressing the Shortfalls of Conventional Cervical Collars Identified by the U.S. Department of Transportation

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